MIAC Rivalry Trophies

The MIAC, founded in 1920, celebrates the historic and storied rivalries in the conference. Many of these rivalries are highlighted by the winning team earning a traveling rivalry trophy. Below is a list of MIAC rivalry trophies (in chronological order). Click on the name of each trophy to learn more about the tradition and history. The MIAC published a feature story on the history of its rivalry trophies on Sept. 18, 2015.



The Goat

Carleton and St. Olaf

Men's Basketball

Founded: 1913-14



The Goat

Carleton and St. Olaf


Founded: 1931


The Paint Bucket

Hamline and Macalester


Founded: 1965


The Troll

Concordia and St. Olaf


Founded: 1974


  The Margate Memorial Trophy  

Carleton and St. Thomas

Swimming and Diving

Founded: 1995


  The Book of Knowledge  

Carleton and Macalester


Founded: 1998


The Holy Grail

Saint John's vs. St. Thomas


Founded: 2001



The Presidents Cup

Carleton and St. Olaf

Women's Basketball

Founded: 2001-02


The Hammer

Augsburg and Hamline


Founded: 2005



The Rolex Trophy

Carleton and St. Olaf

Men's Track and Field


The Karhu Shoe

Carleton and St. Olaf

Cross Country




The Rusty Putter

Carleton and St. Olaf

Men's Golf



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If you have any information on any additional MIAC rivalry trophies to be added to the archive, please Email Matt Higgins at: mhiggins@miacathletics.com.