MIAC announces rule changes for 2019-20 seasons

The MIAC Swimming and Diving Championships will permanently expand by one session beginning in 2020.
The MIAC Swimming and Diving Championships will permanently expand by one session beginning in 2020.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) announced several new rules and amended bylaws for the 2019-20 academic year that its membership approved through the Conference governance process.

Several policy changes impacted championship timing, qualifications, and protocol, while others addressed general sport operations and student-athlete well-being. The conference also amended the language of several policies to better clarify procedures and expectations.

The following is a brief summary of several changes that were adopted by MIAC membership for the upcoming academic year.

Overall (general code and appendixes)
- Non-Traditional Season Practice Opportunities: Made permanent the two-year trial that allows for up to 30 hours for fall sports (football, soccer, volleyball) and 48 hours for spring sports (baseball, softball) of optional athletically-related activity. The hour allotment is per student-athlete and each program may only use up to 16 unique practice dates.
- Weather Policies (Appendix F): Clarified expectations in certain heat categories and amended some sports to no-play rules at 87.1 Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature. The conference also lowered its cold no-play policy to a "feels-like" temperature of -10 degrees.
- Incident Review (Appendix O): Placed specific procedures on submitting an incident review request and required any conduct-related ejection to be submitted to the conference office within 24 hours of the incident for automatic review under the Incident Review policy.

Temperature Policy: Added policy on playing in cold conditions.

- Halftime Targeting Video Review: Made permanent the halftime targeting ejection video review.
- Incomplete Game: Established incomplete game protocol which dictates that any game not completed will be resumed where it left off unless mutually agreed.

- Honorable Mention: Established honorable mention distinction for any player receiving at least two votes during the spring All-Conference voting process.

Ice Hockey
- Goal Judges for Playoffs: MIAC will staff goal judges for conference playoffs.
- Major Penalty Review: Made permanent that any major penalty or disqualification will automatically be reviewed under the MIAC Incident Review policy.
- Overtime (MEN): Made permanent the 5v5 and 3v3 sudden death overtimes, followed by sudden death shootout.

- Coordinator of Soccer Officials: Established a MIAC Coordinator of Soccer Officials position.
- Video Exchange: Established a formal video exchange process.

- Playoff Qualification: To qualify for conference playoffs, a team must have completed a minimum of 18 conference games.
- Dome Game Rules: For conference games played in a dome, if a ball hits a wire while in bounds, it will be treated as a live ball.
- Temperature Policy: Adjusted wording on playing in cold conditions.

Swimming & Diving
- Championship Days: Permanently expanded championship by one evening session for a conference meet lasting Wednesday evening through Saturday evening.
- Championship Event Order: Flipped the 200 medley relay to go before the 800 medley relay on Wednesday and the 100 butterfly to go before the 400 individual medley on Friday. Also switched to regional dive format and lowered 11-dive qualifying score from 285 to 265.
- Honorable Mention: Established Honorable Mention All-Conference for finishers #4-6, relay finisher #4.

- Match Ejection: Established that any ejection will automatically follow the MIAC Incident Review protocol.
- Playoff Dates: Adjusted schedule to allow both men's and women's championships to be held on Saturday. One gender will play semis on Friday and championship on Saturday (alternating genders each year).
- Playoff Matches to Decision: Post-season matches will be played to decision unless coaches agree prior that the teams should play to completion.
- Season Segment: Follow NCAA rules regarding 19-week season (utilize both fall and spring segments). Conference matches will be played in spring only.
- Line-up Protests: Protests for conference matches will be decided by Commissioner.

Track & Field
- Championship Events: Reduced the field size for shot put and weight to 20. Seed throwing events will be based on qualification performances. Adjusted indoor 4x400 seeding by using three heats for 11 or more and two with ten or fewer. The location of a field event cannot be changed prior to the first event of the day without the consent of the games committee. Adjusted the preferred lanes in the 400 and 400 hurdles. Reduced the field size for shot put, discus, hammer, and javelin to 20. Honor the top three finishers for outdoor on awards stand. Dictated javelin throwing direction and judging javelin.